Emotional Healing

How can you enjoy life while feeling depressed? And how many people do you have around you, that really understand what it's like to be in your shoes?

The ongoing emotional and mental pain can wear anyone down to the point where life becomes a struggle, but there is a way out of the hopelessness and even the slightest improvement can have a positive effect on your situation.

Freedom from anxiety and depression is a liberation in the true sense of the word. Let's give the emotions some attention.

Negative Emotions

We are open to our emotions when we are happy, but we reject them when we are feeling low. This is the human conditioning or our nature, if you like.

We do whatever we can to get rid of unpleasant emotions, that includes exercising, listening to loud music, eating, sleeping, having sex, drinking alcohol, doing drugs and even committing suicide.

We are always shunning away from painful emotions and more so than not, we are afraid of them. The first time you voluntarily give attention to unpleasant feelings, can be a totally overwhelming experience, for the most part because of fear.

The emotions are not of any immediate danger to us, but we tend to be afraid of them. Given time and practice, you will get used to giving attention to painful emotions and develop an almost neutral relation to them. Fear is replaced with a sense of security. Let's move on to emotional healing.

Gentle Emotional Healing

I recommend a gentle approach to emotional healing so you can familiarize yourself with the unpleasant emotions, one step at the time. This makes the process smoother.

Let's approach the emotions with love and care, this can not be over-emphasized. You have avoided the painful emotions for years, now it's time to give them gentle and loving attention.

First, a few words about healing in general. Crying is one of the most relieving and effective forms of healing. So, I recommend that you welcome the tears just like a farmer welcomes rain.

Then, I suggest you seek help from someone with experience of emotional healing. Choose a therapist you feel comfortable with, this naturally speeds up the healing since you are able to relax in her presence.

It's equally important that you are at ease with the type of therapy you are in. Let me recommend three forms of emotional healing.

Talk Therapy

I'm for plain and simple talk therapy where you get a chance to express your feelings and thoughts, which is the very heart of healing. It's so relieving to talk about your situation to someone who really listens, it's almost like letting the air out of a balloon.

There are many ways of approaching emotional healing, let's take a look at an alternative method.

Reiki Healing

I'll never forget the first time I received healing. I was deeply depressed at the time and desperate to ease the emotional pain. The unpleasant emotions were getting too hard to bear.

As the gifted healer put her palms to my chest I felt waves of soothing warmth flow into me, I had never experienced anything like it. With the added dimension of healing energy, I find reiki even more gentle than talk therapy.

A reiki session is usually a combination of talk therapy and hands-on healing. As a reiki healer, I recommend this form of healing to anyone who is open to it. Google the word reiki for more information on energy healing. Let's touch on relaxation.

Healing Meditation

After having lived with unpleasant emotions for months or even years, deep relaxation becomes a wonderful relief. It effectively dissolves physical and mental tension and is easy to learn.

Meditation can bring about very positive changes with light forms of anxiety and depression. I strongly recommend healing meditation. No previous experience needed, practice makes perfect...

Best of luck!

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