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The topics range from happiness to spirituality and everything in between. All resources are provided free of charge, including the new ebook on Emotions and the guided meditations.

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Most of the articles are inspiring, but there are also posts that will challenge your beliefs. Ultimately, it's about learning to value truth and reality...

Personal development is most rewarding, discover your true potential and create the life that you want!

Recent Articles

Recent articles image Mindfulness While Reading
What are the benefits of continuous mindfulness practice? Why would you ever want to read and be mindful at the same time? This post provides the answers.You will also find clear instructions on how to be mindful while reading and tips...

Meditation Retreat Strategies
Here is a post that elaborates on effective strategies, to get the maximum benefit from your meditation retreats. The pointers range from basic preparations and attitudes, to making the most out of your home intervals. In the beginning...

Are You Ready To Die?
In this post we'll explore death, which is a cornerstone of life. Let's bite into this taboo-ridden word, as deeply as we can, to further our understanding of death and how it affects our lives. Clarity makes for wisdom. How does the thought of dying...

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